O’Riordan Bethel fields a team of nationally-recognized and award-winning economists, lawyers and public policy experts, each of whom contributes expertise in public policy analysis; business process improvement; research and analysis; organizational design; setting and implementing organizational objectives for commercial clients and in the public sector; and leading organizational change.

O'Riordan Bethel has a strong permanent core staff of seasoned legal, public policy, and business professionals. Our attorneys and consultants are able to advise and support governmental units (executive, legislative, ministry and cabinet level), quasi-governmental entities (such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Government National Mortgage Association), and multi-lateral organizations (such as the Inter-American Development Bank and the Organization of American States).

Our attorneys serve clients with business, commercial, construction and government contracts. Services provided include drafting, claims, and litigation needs; defending clients involved in white collar criminal matters such as fraud; money laundering and cyber crimes; assisting employers to avoid, respond to and defend against employment discrimination claims; defend securities law violation charges; and represent fiduciaries and professionals against claims of misconduct.