Speaking Engagements – Pamela J. Bethel


  • Contract Law Considerations for DBEs and Small Businesses”, DC Department of Transportation, May 2015


  • Panelist, ABA Minority Counsel Program, Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession: “Impact of Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action”, Washington, D.C. (May 2014).


  • Speaker, Contract Law for Federal Aid Projects Workshop Series, DC Department of Transportation, (Washington, DC) (September 24 and October 3, 2013).


  • Speaker, “Economic Inclusion”, Government Resources Panel (U.S-Africa Business Summit Small Business Partnerships Program, Corporate Council on Africa Annual Conference), (October, 2011).
  • Speaker, Legal Ethics: “Emerging Issues” (86th Annual Convention, National Bar Association) (August 2011).



  • 86th Workshop Leader, “Ethics: Something We All Need To Know” (25th Annual Mid-Year Conference, National Bar Association) (April 2005).


  • Speaker, “Legal Ethics: The Disciplinary Complaint Process” (79th Annual Convention, National Bar Association (August 2004).
  • Speaker, “Legal Ethics: New ABA Proposed Rule of Professionalism — Sarbanes Oxley” (79th Annual Convention, National Bar Association) (August 2004).
  • Speaker, “Selective Prosecution and Other Disparate Treatment of Minorities and Women in Lawyer Disciplinary Matters” (79th Annual Convention, National Bar Association) (August 2004).


  • Speaker,“The Changed Role of Attorneys Who Represent Organizational Clients” (78th Annual Convention, National Bar Association) (July 2003).


  • Speaker, “Defending Ethics Violations” (Greater Washington Area Chapter of the National Bar Association) (April 2002).
  • Speaker, “Defense Counsel Perspective of the District of Columbia Attorney Disciplinary System” (District of Columbia Annual Disciplinary Conference) (April 2002).


  • Speaker, “Defending Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings” (Annual Meeting of the D.C. Chapter, Federal Bar Association) (March 2001).


  • Speaker, “Defense of Disciplinary Proceedings” (75th Annual Convention, National Bar Association) (July 2000).
  • Speaker, “Defense Counsel Perspective of Attorney Disciplinary System of the District of Columbia” (25th Annual Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia) (April 2000).


  • Speaker, “What to Do When the Feathers Hit the Fan: Protecting Your Organization in a High-Profile Crisis” (Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., D.C. Metro Chapter) (March 1999 and June, 1999).


  • Speaker, “Constitutional Violations in White-Collar Prosecutions” (National Law Enforcement Institute) (1985-1987).
  • Speaker, “Criminal Practice and Procedure” (Attorney Generals Trial Advocacy Program) (1984-1987).