New Opportunities with SFMTA

Washington Consulting Corporation, O’Riordan Bethel and CMH & Associates have teamed to assist clients in capturing and delivering on the more than $600 million in transportation and infrastructure projects scheduled for San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

We will serve as our client’s business intelligence consultants during the capture management process for these projects, identifying opportunities, gathering valuable information on such things as the status of the identified projects, getting answers to questions about the full scope of the project, timing, subcontracting opportunities, likely competitors, and the decision makers within SFMTA.

Contractors seeking to capture these opportunities face increased competition in a business climate that is becoming more and more focused on diversity and more specifically on the inclusion of DBEs in major transportation projects.

The WCC / ORB / CMH Team will:

  • Create and Nurture Prime/Subcontractor Relationships for Our Client
  • Utilize Our Strong Network of Contacts with Local Leaders and Decision Makers to Develop and Cultivate Relationships for Our Client
  • Develop Strategies for Teaming and Joint Ventures
  • Provide Program and Project Management
  • Design Systematic Approach to Small Business Capacity Building
  • Structure Workforce Development and Utilization
  • Build Relationships and Linkages with Community Partners

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