New Article: Putting Profitability Into the Pipeline

On August 14, 2014, partner Carol L. O’Riordan and associate Anthony J. Marchese published an article titled “Putting Organization, Compliance and Improved Profitability into the Pipeline” in the Utility Contractor magazine.

The article notes that after a contract is signed and while work is proceeding, a company, such as a construction company, should name one person as the point of contact for all contract-related matters. 

Without a single point of contact responsible for assembly and careful review of all project-related correspondence and documentation, inconsistent information (received and given) may give rise to material misunderstandings among the parties, the article points out. Then the parties may begin to act in ways that are outside the contract and may even vary the contract terms. The effect of this is compounded when gaps in project records go unnoticed and thus parties are left without the information needed to reach a speedy resolution.

The full article can be found here.




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